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Metric Multiconductor Feedthroughs

MFT Metric Series

Metric Multiconductor Feedthroughs | MFT Metric Series

Metric Multiconductor Feedthroughs

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  • Pressure or Vacuum Applications
  • Seals Multiple Thermocouples and Protection Tubes
  • Available in Both NPT and ISO T/BPST Mounting Threads
  • Up to 16 Probes in 1 Fitting
  • Blank Sealing Plugs Included
  • 3 to 16 Probes
  • 416 SS Body and Cap
  • 316 SS Ferrules Standard
  • PTFE Ferrules Available
  • OMEGALOKR Ferrules Standard
  • 1 to 6 mm (0.040 to 1.4") Probe Diameters


These all-new multiconductor feedthroughs are designed for applications that require several sensors to pass through a wall or bulkhead at one opening or within a small area. Heavy-duty 416 SS construction allows use of this fitting in high-pressure or vacuum applications. Probes between 0.040" and 1/4" in diameter can be used in these feedthroughs. The maximum number of probes per feedthrough is 3 for 1/4" diameter probes, 5 for 3/16" diameter, 8 for 1/8" diameter, 16 for 1/16" diameter, and 16 for 0.040" diameter probes.

All multiconductor feedthroughs come standard with stainless steel ferrules. A stainless steel ferrule deforms and becomes permanent. If the probes have to be installed several times at different depths in the feedthrough, PTFE ferrules should be used. PTFE ferrules will not deform the probe sheath, which allows the same probe to be reused. The ferrules used in the feedthroughs are identical to the ferrules used in standard OMEGALOK compression fittings.
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Thread is ISO/BPST
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Disponible en: 3 Semanas
1.0mm probe, 3 probes, 1/4in. Thread
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Disponible en: 4 Semanas
1.0mm probe, 5 probes, 1/4in. Thread
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Disponible en: 4 Semanas
1.0mm probe, 6 probes, 1/4in. Thread
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Disponible en: 4 Semanas
1.5mm probe, 3 probes, 1/4in. Thread
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Disponible en: 2 Semanas
3.0mm probe, 3 probes, 1/4in. Thread

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NOTA: All fittings are supplied with stainless steel ferrules. If PTFE ferrules are required, add suffix "-PTFE" to the model number shown in the Order By Part Number fields. Add additional cost per ferrule. One ferrule needed for each conductor.
Ejemplo de pedido: (1) MFT-M10-6 1.0mm probe, 6 probes, 1/4in. ISO/BPST Thread, USD$126.31

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(1) Diameter of Probe seleccionar de:
-M10 para 1.0mm
-M15 para 1.5mm
-M30 para 3.0mm
-M45 para 4.5mm
-M60 para 6.0mm

(2) Number of Probes seleccionar de:
-3 para 3 probes
-5 para 5 probes
-6 para 6 probes
-8 para 8 probes
-10 para 10 probes
-12 para 12 probes
-16 para 16 probes
NOTA: No todas las combinaciones pueden no ser válidas, compruebe la hoja de especificaciones para números de parte válidos.