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OMEGAPHONE® Automatic Alarm Dialer for Temperature and Power Status


OMEGAPHONE®  Automatic Alarm Dialer for Temperature and Power Status | OMA-VM500-3

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  • Monitors Temperature and Power Status
  • Programmable High and Low Limits for Temperature
  • Program up to Four 20 Digit Phone Numbers
  • Works with Telephone Pagers
  • Easy-to-Follow Menu Driven Programming Done Over the Phone


Discontinued product - please contact the Data Acquisition Dept for possible substitutes

Model OMA-VM500-3 is a full featured monitor and alarm system that monitors temperature and power status wherever the unit is located. This system can dial up to four phone numbers, and the integrated voice tells you the temperature and whether the power is on or how long the power has been off. You can also call the unit at anytime and hear a status report that gives you an update on the conditions at your facility.

The OMA-VM500-3 is easily programmed over the phone. Simply locate the unit in the area where you want to measure the temperature. Plug in the phone line and the power adapter and turn the unit on. Call the unit from another phone or cell phone and follow the spoken instructions to program the temperature limits and the emergency phone numbers. The system is now programmed and is monitoring temperature and power at your facility.

Temperature Measurement Range: 32 to 125°F (0 to 52°C); Unit is set up factory default for Fahrenheit operation (can be changed in the field for Celsius operation)
Temperature Sensor: Solid state
Accuracy: ±2°F
High and Low Programmable Temperature Limits: 35 to 125°F
Operating Ambient: 0 to 52°C (32 to 125°F)
Telephone: Standard RJ11 phone jack connection
Telephone Numbers: Stores up to four phone numbers up to 20 digits long
Personal Identification Message: Record up to a 10-second message over the phone
Operation: Operates with answering machine on the same phone line
Power: Powered from included 120 Vac wall mount transformer power supply
Battery Backup: 4 hour rechargeable battery backup; 20 or 30 hours optional
Dimensions: 140 mm H x 127 mm W x 64 mm D (5.5 x 5 x 2.5")
Material: ABS plastic
Weight: 0.45 kg (1 lb)
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Automatic temperature alarm dialer
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Temperature alarm dialer with 30-hour battery backup
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Temperature alarm dialer with 20-hour battery backup
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NOTA: Each unit is supplied with complete user’s manual. .

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-C para celsius operation
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