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Miniature Voltage Output Pressure Sensors
Fully Temperature Compensated


Miniature Voltage Output Pressure Sensors, Fully Temperature Compensated | PX40

USD$82.00 PX40-100G5V

  • Smallest Amplified Package
  • Small Light Weight Package
  • Fully Signal Conditioned
  • Temperature Compensated
  • Port Designed for O-ring Interface
  • Excellent Media Compatibility
  • Wet or Dry Industrial Applications


Typical Applications
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Electronic Brake Systems
  • Engine Oil Level
  • Transmission Fluid Level
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Industrial Fluid Level
5 Vdc @10 mA
Output Source Current: 0.5 mA max
Output Sink Current: 1.0 mA max
Hysteresis and Repeatability: 0.15% FS
Span: Output: Linearity:
±50 mmHg 4.00 Vdc typical 0.80%
0 to 15 4.00 ±0.11 Vdc 0.20%
0 to 100 4.00 ±0.09 Vdc 0.10%
±50 mmHg 2.50 ±0.05 Vdc
0 to 15 0.50 ±0.11 Vdc
0 to 100 0.50 ±0.04 Vdc
Operating Temp: -45 to 125°C (-49 to 257°F)
Compensated Temp: -45 to 125°C (-49 to 257°F)
±50 mmHg ±170 mmHg
0 to 15 45 psi
0 to 100 200 psi

Response Time: 1 ms
Gage Type: Silicon
Media Compatibility: Limited to media that will not attack invar, copper, silicon, stainless steel, glass and solder (i.e., air, water, refrigerants, engine fuel)
Vent: Dry gases only
Weight: 5 g (0.18 oz)
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0-30 psi transducer with 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc output
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