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Sanitary Thermowells

S Series Sanitary Thermowells

Sanitary Thermowells for Use with Sensors with 1/4

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  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Bore ID 0.260 or 0.385 inch
  • Accepts 1/4"or 3/8" OD stems
  • 1-1/2" Tri-Grip (Tri-Clamp® compatible)
  • Rated to 7000 PSI up to 200°F
  • CIP or Sanitize In Place Washdown
  • Finished to 32 Ra or better
  • 1/2" NPSM Internal Thread
  • 3-A approved


Sanitary Thermowells are generally chosen for an application based on corrosion conditions, surface finish, mechanical size requirements, and accurate thermal transfer. Omega Sanitary Thermowells can be configured from the options below to meet your clean in place or sanitize in place application needs.
This technical reference, Introduction to Sanitary Sensors contains addition application and installation details regarding the use and application of Sanitary Sensors and Sanitary Thermowells. Sanitary Sensors can be selected to match your well dimensions. See the related links below. Most Omega temperature instrumentation with sanitary process connections can be sized and configured to fit your thermowell or CIP needs.

Food process hygienic temperature sensors and thermowells can be used to aid food safety inspection compliance and verification of time temperature control. Combined with a chart recorder model CTXL you can temperature monitor a CCP ( Critical Control Point) or sanitation time and move toward a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) compliance plan.

Application: ¼ or 3/8" diameter stem, bimetal thermometers; RTD or TC temperature sensing instruments having 0.252" (S-260 models) and 0.377" (S-385 models) maximum diameters, #20-gage thermocouple elements. Applications: Sanitary Thermowell for CIP , food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, research.

Connection Size: 1½" Tri-Grip (Tri-Clamp® compatible) (cap size) is standard. Other Tri-Grip sizes are available upon request.

Materials: 316 stainless steel. Custom wells are also available in special materials, other Ra or special finish, prices on request.
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Número de parte/Desc.
S-260 Series Thermowells with 0.260" Bore Dia.
Disponible en: Disponible
No Step Down, 2½ Stem Length
Disponible en: Disponible
No Step Down, 4 Stem Length
Disponible en: Disponible
Step Down, 6 Stem Length
Disponible en: Disponible
Step Down, 9 Stem Length
Disponible en: Disponible
Step Down, 12 Stem Length
S-385 Series Thermowells with 0.385" Bore Dia.
Disponible en: 4 Semanas
No Step Down, 2½ Stem Length
Disponible en: Disponible
No Step Down, 4 Stem Length
Disponible en: 4 Semanas
No Step Down, 6 Stem Length
Disponible en: 4 Semanas
No Step Down, 9 Stem Length
Disponible en: Disponible
No Step Down, 12 Stem Length
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Generador de Número de Parte

Generador de Número de parte
Descripción de Opciones:

(1) Flange Size seleccionar de:
11/2 para 1 1/2 in
2 para 2 in
21/2 para 2 1/2 in

(2) Internal Diameter seleccionar de:
260 para 0.260 in internal diameter
385 para 0.385 in internal diameter

(3) Shank Style and Insertion Length seleccionar de:
U15/8 para No step down 1 5/8 in insertion length
U21/2 para No step down 2 1/2 in insertion length
U41/2 para Step down 4 1/2 in insertion length
U71/2 para Step down 7 1/2 in insertion length
U101/2 para Step down 10 1/2 in insertion length
NOTA: No todas las combinaciones pueden no ser válidas, compruebe la hoja de especificaciones para números de parte válidos.
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