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Automation Products

Model Description
10250T-IL Indicating Lights Heavy-Duty 30.5 mm Metal Oil Tight Indicating Lights
10250T-SS Series Selector Switches Heavy-Duty 30.5mm Metal Selector Switches
1240i Programmable Step Motor Indexer/Drive
2035 Stepper Motor Drive
3540i Programmable Step Motor Indexer/Drive
3540M Microstepping Motor Drives
3G3MX2 Series Micor AC Motor Drive High Performance Micro Drives for 3 Phase AC Motors
OMDC-65 Series Battery-Operated DC Motor Speed Control
ADAM-5000 PC-Based Soft Logic Controllers
AMP Series Electrical Junction Boxes IP66 Polycarbonate Electrical Enclosures with Clear or Opaque Covers, Sizes from 150mm² to 350 x 300mm
Series ASK Portafusibles en riel DIN
ASK T-Block Series Terminal Blocks Disconnect and Fuse Screw Connection DIN Rail Mounting Terminal Blocks
DIN Rail Terminal Blocks, Feed Through and Ground Terminals AVK Series Feed Through DIN Rail Mounting Terminal Blocks, 600V, 20 to 175 Amp, 26 to 6-2/0 AWG
B07 Inline Filter/Regulators for Compressed Air Air Line Filter/ Pressure Regulators for Pneumatic Control
B72G Series Inline and Modular Air Line Filter / Pressure Regulator Norgren Excelon® Modular Compressed Air Line Filter/Regulators for control and protection of pneumatic equipment.
BG18 Bargraph Displays, Horizontal or Vertical Scale
BV80 Series Ball Valves with Lever Handle
Power Transformers Industrial Control Transformers - Stepdown Voltage Converters
C25 Series Definite Purpose Contactors
C72A Series Norgren Excelon® Air Filter-Regulator-Lubricator Combination Units for use with air line tools
C72C Series Norgren Excelon® Filter-Lubricator Combination Units for Compressed Air Systems
CG Series IP68 Cable Glands and Cable Grips with Strain Relief
Serie CN4000 Reguladores de temperatura/proceso de 1⁄16, ⅛, y ¼ DIN con Fuzzy Logic
CN710 Series 1/8 DIN Vertical Temperature Controllers
Serie CN7500 Reguladores de rampa/meseta de 1/32 DIN
CN7600 Series 1/8 DIN Vertical Ramp/Soak Temperature/Process Controllers
Serie CNi-AL
Regulador de límites de temperatura/proceso
Serie CNi8C-EN Controlador-indicador de temperatura, procesos y tensión, para montaje en pared
PT-Demo Panel de Simulación de Controladores de la Serie PLATINUM ™
Comet Series Photoelectric Sensors
CP1H Series High Performance Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
CP1L Series Low-Cost PLCs
CR027 Series Enclosure Fan Heaters
CR030 and CR130 Series High Performance Enclosure Fan Heaters
Serie CSF060 Calentador seguro al tacto de 50 a 150 W
CSMSTR Sistema máster mejorado de la serie de controladores modulares
csmstrle Sistema máster mejorado de la serie de controladores modulares
CSMSTRV2 Modular Controller Series Master
Módulos PID de control
D2PF Series General Purpose Compact 4PDT "Ice Cube" Plug-In Relays with Enhanced Features
D2PR Series General Purpose Compact "Ice Cube" Plug-In Relays
D3PF Series General Purpose "Ice Cube" Plug-In Relays with Octal Base
D5PF Series General Purpose "Ice Cube" Plug-In Relays with Spade Base
D7P Series General Purpose "Ice Cube" Plug-In Relays for High Current Applications
DA084 Series Vent Plug IP55
DA284 Series Pressure Compensation Device
DCT-RE Series Angular 180° Gripper with Spring Assist Pneumatic Angular Grippers 180°
DCT Series 2 -Jaw Angular 180° Gripper Pneumatic Angular Grippers
DHT-40 Medidor de Dureza Modelo Pluma
DLM Pneumatic Linear Motion Rail Slide Linear Actuator Slides – Modular Pneumatic Automation Components
DLT Series Linear Thruster Slides Linear Actuator Slides - Pneumatic Linear Motion Modular Series
DMD1080 Series
DMEX Series DIRECTCONNECT™ Mounting Stanchion Components Pre-engineered Modular Components designed for a simple and sturdy beam construction, quick assembly and T-slot mounting platform for DLT Linear Actuators and DLM Rail Slides.
DP400TP Medidor de alta velocidad con pantalla gráfica para aplicaciones de temperatura y proceso
DPC10 Series Mini Counters
DPDS Series Small Parallel Gripper Pneumatic Parallel Grippers, Short Stroke Gripper
DPF11,DPF12 Batch Controller
Serie DPF401 Medidores de velocidad-total-lote
Serie DPF5100 Medidor multifuncional para control de lotes, indicación de velocidad y totalizaciión
DPF70 Series Frequency Input Ratemeter/Totalizer
Serie DPF701 Medidor de flujo de ⅛ DIN y 6 ­dígitos/totalizadores
DPF708/DPF808 Series Multifunction Totalizers with Batch Control
DPF75 Ratemeters, Totalizers and Batch Controllers for Frequency Inputs
DPF9100 Digital Input panel meters - Count and Rate meter
DPG Parallel Gripper - Compact & Robust Design Pneumatic Parallel 2-Jaw Grippers with High Gripper Force
DPG409 Series Digital Pressure Gauge (DPG) with Analog Output and Optional Wireless Transmitter
DPP Series 2-Jaw Parallel Gripper Pneumatic Parallel Gripper
Series DP32Pt, DP16Pt y DP8Pt Indicadores de panel digitales Serie PLATINUM
DR Series DIN Rail Power Supplies
DRF-IDC, DRF-IAC Acondicionadores de señales de entrada con corriente CA y CC
DRF-VDC, DRF-VAC Acondicionadores de señales de entrada con tensión CA y CC
DRF Rotary Actuator - Pneumatic Modular Automation Components Pneumatic Rotary Actuators - Flange Mountable DRF Series
DRG Rotary Actuator - Pneumatic Modular Automation Pneumatic Rotary Actuators - Shaft Mountable DRG Series
Serie DRTB Bloques de terminales de termopar, montaje en riel DIN y capacidad de auditoría/revisión
DRTB-2 Bloques de Terminales de Termopar
DRTB-Rail Series DIN Rails, Standard and Pre-Cut Lengths
DSUB DIN Rail Interface Modules
DTG-RTD100 Series Termómetro RTD digital con carcasa de acero inoxidable 316
DVT Series Electronic Drain Valves
E26 Series Modular Stacking Beacons. 65mm Dia.
E2E-2AC Series Prox Sensor 2-Wire AC Inductive Proximity Sensor
Serie E2E-2DC Sensor de proximidad inductivo CC de 2 cables
E2E-3DC Series Inductive Proximity Sensor 3-Wire DC Inductive Proximity Sensor
Serie E2F-X Sensor de proximidad inductivo para aplicaciones alimentarias y de bebidas con IP68
E2K-C Series Capacitive Proximity Sensor Adjustable Capacitive Proximity Sensor for Metallic and Non-Metallic Sensing Solutions
E2K-F Series Proximity Sensor Low Profile Capacitive Proximity Sensor for Metallic and Non-Metallic Sensing Solutions
E2K-X Series Capacitive Proximity Sensor Capacitive Proximity Sensor for Metallic and Non-metallic Sensing Solutions
E32 Series Cables for Fiber-Optic Sensors
E34 Series Indicating Lights, Selector Switches and Pushbuttons 30mm Rugged Push Buttons, Selector Switches, Contact Blocks and Legend Plates
E3T Series Photelectric Sensor Ultra Thin Photoelectric Sensors for Space-Confined Areas
E3X-DA Series Fiber Optic Sensor Digital Display Amplifier for Fiber Optic Sensors for Precise Acceptance Critera - Dual Display Models for Two Fiber Optic Cables
E3X-NA Series Fiber Optic Sensor Bar Graph Amplifier for Fiber-Optic Sensors
E3Z-L Series Photoelectric Laser Sensors Miniature Laser Photoelectric Sensors for Precise-Long Range Sensing Solutions up to 60 Meters
E3Z-T Series Photoelectric Sensors Compact Photoelectric Sensors
IP67 Rated for 1200 psi Washdown Applications
E3ZM Series Photoelectric Sensors Washdown & Chemical Resistant Photoelectric Sensors for Food & Beverage Industry, SUS316L Stainless Steel
E47BCC Series Descontinuado Limit Switch, Prewired, Compact
E47 Series Precision Limit Switches
E48 Series Safety Key Interlock Limit Switches
E50 Series Modular Plug-In Limit Switches
E57 Series Inductive Proximity Sensors Proximity Sensors in 12, 18 & 30 mm diameters. 2 or 3-wire, LED status indicator models with sensing ranges from 2mm to 15mm for AC or DC voltages.
E57 Small Diameter Series Inductive Proximity Sensors Proximity Sensor with sensing range from 0.8 to 3mm with LED indicator
E58 Series Photoelectric Sensors - Harsh Duty Series
ECNR/ECSR/LENRK/LESRK Fuses Dual Element Time-Delay Fuses Class Rk5 and Rk1
EK Series Polycarbonate Enclosures NEMA 4X Enclosures for DIN Rail Mount IEC Components - Circuit Breakers, Fuse Holders & Timers
ELC-PS Series DIN Rail Power Supplies
GP Series Graphic Panels for PLCs
ELC-PLC Series ELC Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
ELCSOFT and ELCSOFTGP ELC Programming Software
EM22 Series Heavy-Duty Pushbuttons, Selector Switches and Indicating Lights 22.5mm Heavy-Duty Push Buttons, Selector Switches, Contact Blocks, and Legend Plates
Armarios Eléctricos Nuevo Buscador de Armarios Eléctricos Omega.
Serie ETF012 Higrotermo electrónico
Serie EZ Relés inteligentes programables de la serie EZ
EZM, EZMT and EZMR Series Industrial, Networkable Message Displays
EZPLC Series High Performance Modular Expandable PLC
EZ220 and EZ420 Series PLC Text Panels
EZ220-PLC and EZ420-PLC Series Text Panels with Integrated PLC
EZP Series PLC Touchpanel
EZP-PLC Series Touchpanels with Integrated PLC
F07 Inline Pneumatic Air Filter General Purpose Air Line Filter for Compressed Air
Serie Sensores RTD de platino OMEGAFILM® - Discontinuado
F72C Series Oil Removing (Coalescing) Filters Excelon® Oil Removing (Coalescing) Filters for Compressed Air Systems with Partical Removing Element.
F72G Series General Purpose Compressed Air Filters Excelon® General Purpose Air Line Filters for Partical and Water Removal in Compressed Air Systems
F72V Series Excelon® Oil Removing (Absorbing) Filters for Removal of Oil Vapors and Odors
FF018 Series Filter Fan
FF018 Large Series Filter Fan for Larger Enclosures
FF01821 Filter Fans for Larger Enclosures
Serie FMA1000 Indicador/transmisor industrial de velocidad/temperatura de aire para uso general
Serie FMG70 Medidores de Flujo Electromagnéticos para Flujo Bajo
FST1000 Series Economical Air Flow Switch
FSV-ADV Heavy Duty Electronic Drain Valve
FSW-420 & FSW-430 Series Thermal Flow Switches
FSW300 Series In-Line Flow Switches, PVC or Brass
FSW301 Trim to size Paddle Flow Switch
Serie FSW800 Monitor de caudal de aire de ventiladores compactos y ventiladores de filtro
FT011 and FTD011 Series Tamperproof Thermostat
FTB370 Series Turbine Flow Sensors
BM/R250/FP Series Fuse Accessories
Interfaz hombre-maquina (HMI, por sus siglas en inglés) de la serie G3 Términales gráficas de interfaz de usuario habilitadas para web
Interfaz hombre-máquina (HMI, por sus siglas en inglés) de la serie G3 Terminales gráficas de interfaz de usuario habilitadas para web
Interfaz hombre-máquina (HMI, por sus siglas en inglés) de la serie G3 Terminales gráficas de interfaz de usuario habilitadas para web
Interfaz hombre- maquina (HMI, por sus siglas en inglés) de la serie G3 Terminales gráficas de intergaz de usuario habilitadas para web
Interfaz hombre-maquina (HMI, por sus siglas en inglés) de la serie G3 Terminales gráficas de interfaz de usuario habilitadas para web
G310 Series 10" Web Enabled Graphic LCD Operator Interface Terminal
Interfaz hombre-máquina (HMI, por sus siglas en inglés) de la serie G3 Terminales gráficas de interfaz de usuario habilitadas para web
G3NA Series General Purpose Solid State Relays
G3NE Series Compact Solid State Relays (SSRs)
G3PE Series Slim Width Industrial Solid State Relays (SSR) with Heat Sink
G7L Series High Current Panel Mount Relays
Cable termopar - Tipo T, duplex, aislado
GP911 Analogue Gauging Probes
EGB3000 Molded Case Circuit Breakers
H72A Series - General Purpose Air Filter & Coalescing Filter Combination Units Norgren Excelon® Compressed Air Filter Combination Units
HCLR Series 600V Fast Acting Fuses
HDR Series
HE-X Series Signal Conditioners Signal Conditioners For Programmable Logic Controllers
HE359 Series Universal Remote I/O Modules
Remote I/O for RS485 Bus and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
HE559 Series SmartStix™ I/O for the XL Series OCS
HEFR Series High Efficiency Air Filter-Regulator
Serie HHF1000 Medidor portátil de velocidad y temperatura del aire con opción inalámbrica{USB}{WIRELESS}{WINXP}{VISTA}
HHM-EX500 Series Industrial Multimeters Waterproof (IP67) for Heavy-Duty Use
HHM-EX542 Multímetro / registrador de datos con conexión inalámbrica a PC {WIRELESS}{WINXP}{VISTA}
HHM-EX623 Clamp Meter 400 A Dual Input with Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer and Voltage
HHM-GRT300 4-Wire Earth Ground Resistance Tester Kit
HHM-MA1500 1500A True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter and Non-Contact Voltage
HHM-MA640 600 A True RMS Clamp Meters and Non-Contact Voltage
HHM-MG300 Insulation Tester/Multimeter with Wireless PC Interface
HHM-MN Series Digital Multimeters with Non-Contact Voltage Detection
HHM10, HHM20 and HHM30 Series Low Cost Handheld DMMs
HHM33, HHM34, HHM35 OMEGAETTE® Mix and Match Series, Low Cost Digital Multimeters
HHM590 Series Clamp On Digital Multimeters for AC and DC Current
HHM90 Series OMEGAETTE® Low Cost High Performance Multimeters
HHMI60 Series Insulation Tester
HHP240 Series Handheld Digital Manometer - Discontinued
Series HHP360 Barómetro y manómetro digital de gran precisión.
HMi04BU HMi Touchscreen Displays
HOS-MS420 Digital Oscilloscope 20 MHz 2-Channel
Series HPC Contactos de termopar para conectores modelo MTC. Serie HPC de diseño económico
Serie HSRTD Sensores RTD PFA sellados flexibles Para utilizar en entornos corrosivos y lugares estrechos
HUB 444 SiNET™ Multi-Axis Motion Control
HVL031 Series Compact Enclosure Fan Heater
Serie HW2800 Cable de conexión único conductor, aislamiento TFE
Serie HW3000 Cable de conexión único conductor, aislamiento PVC - UL 1007/1569, CSA TR-64
HW5800 Series Silver Plated Copper Equipment Wire, PTFE Insulation
HW7000 Series Single Conductor Instrument Wire, Irradiated PVC Insulation
iLD-ACC, iLD-ACV, iLD-FP Big Display Meters and Signal Conditioners
iMonnit-Enterprise iMonnit Enterprise S/W, 250 Sensor License
iMonnit-Premiere iMonnit Premiere S/W, 1-6 sensors
IN-USBH USB en Línea y Calibrable en Campo
Acondicionador de Señales
IN-UVI Acondicionador de señal en línea de puente de Wheatstone
Sensores Infrarrojos Nuevo Buscador de Sensores Infrarrojos Omega.
iPROX Series Inductive Proximity Sensors Inductive Proximity Sensors with long sensing range - up to 29mm. in 2-wire AC and 3-wire DC models.
iPTX Series Virtual Chart Recorder Pressure and Temperature
iSD-TC Control de temperatura mediante web-Ethernet. Entra doble termopar
ITHX-D3 Temperature and Humidity Ethernet Transmitter. DIN Rail Mount
K-SS-SERIES Stainless Steel Tongue Operated Safety Interlock Switches
KL3-SS-SERIES Guard Locking Safety Switches
KLM-SERIES Guard Locking Safety Switches
KLP-SERIES Guard Locking Safety Switches
KP-SERIES Tongue Operated Safety Interlock Switches
Serie KT011 Termostato pequeño
L07-200-MPAA Series Inline Lubricator General Purpose Micro-Fog Air Line Lubricators for Compressed Air
L73M Series Air Line Lubricator for Compressed Air Systems Norgren Excelon® Compressed Air Lubricators for use with air tools and pneumatic devices.
LC103B Celdas de carga de acero inoxidable compactas de alta precisión Tipo S
Serie LC201/LCM201 Celdas de carga de compresión o tensión en subminiatura de 19 mm (0,75") de diámetro, modelos estándar y métricos
Serie LC202/LCM202 Celdas de carga universales en miniatura, tipo de montaje en perno de 25 mm (1") a 35 mm (1,38") de diámetro, modelos estándar y métricos.
Serie LC204 y LC214 Celdas de Carga en Miniatura - Montaje en Superficie
Serie LC302/LCM302 Celda de carga de compresión en acero inoxidable de 19 mm (0,75") de diámetro, modelos estándar y métricos
LC501 Beam Load Cell
Serie LC703/LCM703 Enlaces de tensión de bajo perfil y en miniatura. Perfil bajo de 19 mm (0,75") a 25 mm (1") de altura, modelos estándar y métricos
Serie LCFL/LCMFL Celdas de carga de compresión o tensión en miniatura y económicas de 19 mm (0,75") de diámetro y 25,4 mm (1") rangos estándar y métricos
LCGB Series Miniature Compression Load Cell
Industrial Design with Through-Body Mounting Holes
Serie LCL Celdas de carga finas, puente completo para cargas de 0-113 g a 0-18 kgf
LCM101 and LCM111 Series Stainless Steel S Beam Load Cells, Metric, ±10 kgF to ±10,000 kgF
Serie LCM201 Celdas de carga de compresión o tensión en subminiatura de 19 mm de diámetro
LCMGD Series Miniature Load Cell
Ranges 0-100 to 0-200,000 Newtons
LCMKD Series Subminiature button style load cell, 0-10 to 0-5,000 Newtons
LCMWD Series Load washers, 0-1kN to 0-200kN
Serie LCP Celda de carga de pin de carga
LD500 LVDT Precision DC Gauging Transducers for Quality Control or Automation Tooling
LDI-127 Transductor lineal de inducción variable para sensores de posición
LP-PS Series Power Supplies Low Profile DIN Rail Power Supplies, 15 to 100 Watts for 5, 12, & 24 VDC
Serie LP801 Potenciómetros lineales de largo recorrido. Para la medición de desplazamientos
LY Series General Purpose, Compact Ice Cube Relays
Serie M12CM Cables M12 con conectores montables en campo para termopares
Serie M12LCP Sondas de Termopar con Conectores moldeados M12 para altas temperaturas - Tamaños estándar y métricos
Serie M12M Sondas de termopar con conectores moldeados M12. Tamaños estándar y métricos
Serie de sondas M12 Sondas de termopar con roscas de montaje y conectores M12. Tamaños estándar
Series M8C y M12C Cable prolongador de termopar moldeado M8 y M12
Serie M8/M12 Conectores M8 y M12. Montables en campo. Para conexión a sensores y cables existentes
Serie M8M Sondas de termopar con conectores moldeados M8. Tamaños estándar y métricos
Serie U-MAGNET Termopar de montaje con imán.
MC1, MC2 & MC3 Series Magnetic Contactors for High Power Temperature Control
MCL 600 VAC & MOL 250 VAC Style Fuses Fast Acting Midget Fuses, 600 VAC & 250 VAC Class M
MCRPT Series Tubing, 95A Durometer Polyurethane Tubing Omegaflex® Multi-Colored Ribbon Polyurethane Tubing
MEN/MEQ Style Fuses General Purpose Class M (Midget) Time Delay Fuses, 250 VAC & 500 Vac
Medidores y Controladores Nuevo Buscador de Medidores y Controladores Omega.
MFR0122 Mechanical Hygrostat
MMI-01 Operator Interface
Serie MTC Conectores de termopar de pines múltiples
Modelo MTC con temperatura máxima de servicio de 200 °C (392 °F)
MVX9000 Series Sensorless Vector Adjustable Frequency AC Drives
N101 Series NEMA Motor Starters
NCRR Series Resistance Heating Ribbon Wire
NFX9000 Series Adjustable Frequency AC Drives
NI60 Resistance Heating Wire, Nickel-Chromium Alloy, 60% Nickel/ 16% Chromium (Balance Iron)
OM-AIR Series Acessories Norgren Excelon® Modular System Accessories, wall mounting brackets, gauges and Quickclamp® brackets
NS_Series Advanced HMI/Operator Interface
OCH Series Tubing - Pneumatic Coiled Hose Coil Hose Air Line Tubing with Strain Relief Fittings
OCS XL Series - Graphical Operator Control System "All-In-One" Controllers: PLC, HMI, I/O, & Data Logging
Pneumatic Air Line Fittings for Metric and Standard Tubing Push-to-Connect Pneumatic Airline Fittings, Quick Connect and Disconnect Fittings for Airline Tubing
OM-AM Series Fiberglass Enclosure Non-Metallic, Fiberglass Electrical Enclosures, NEMA 4X and NEMA 3R Outdoor JIC Size Enclosures from 6x6 to 20x16"
OM-AMJ Junction Boxes Nema 4X (IP66) Non-Metallic Electrical Junction Boxes
OM-AMPB Series Push Button Enclosures NEMA 4X (IP66) Non-Metallic Fiberglass Pushbutton Enclosures for 22mm and 30mm Pushbuttons and Pilot Devises
Serie OM-AMU Carcasa no métalicas de fibra de vidrio
OM-CONV-USB RS-232 to USB Interface Converter{USB}{RS232}{WINXP}{VISTA}
OM-CP-RFCURRENT2000A Wireless Current Data Logger with Display
OM-CP-RFPRHTEMP2000A Wireless Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Data Logger with Display
OM-CP-RFPULSE2000A Wireless Pulse Data Logger with Display
OM-CP-RFRHTEMP2000A Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger with Display
OM-CP-RFRTDTEMP2000A Wireless RTD Temperature Data Logger with Display
OM-CP-RFTCTEMP2000A Wireless Thermocouple Temperature Data Logger with Display
OM-CP-RFTEMP2000A Wireless Temperature Data Logger with Display
OM-CP-RFVOLT2000A Wireless Voltage Data Logger with Display
OM-EL-WIFI-ALERT Audible and Visual Alarm for OM-EL-WIFI Series Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers
OM-HFPU Series Front Panels for Meters & Controllers Pre-Cut Front Panels for DIN Meters and Controllers for NEMA 4X Fiberglass Enclosures, Sizes 12x10 & 16x14"
OM-SGD-43-A Display de Gráficos Inteligentes Programable
OM-SGD-ADPT-TC Módulo de Acondicionamiento de Señal Termopar
OM-SGD-SERIES Displays Gráficos Inteligentes
OMAT Series General Purpose AC Motors, 56C Frame, Three-Phase, Fractional and Integral HP
OMB-DAQ-TC-RACK Sistema de Adquisición de Datos con Entrada de Termopar Basado en USB/Ethernet de 32 Canales
OMDC-125 Series Variable Speed Control Variable DC Motor Speed Controller
OMDC-15DVE DC Speed Control General Purpose Variable Speed Control For Small DC And Universal Motor Applications
OMDC-CF Series Motor Speed Sensor Speed Sensor Kit for AC or DC NEMA "C" Face Motors, for use with Tachometers and Close Loop Controls.
OMDC-DM8000 Digital Tachometer
OMDC-PU-E and -R Series AC or DC Motor Speed Sensors from 1- 20 pulses per revolution to monitor speed and direction.
NEMA 4X Washdown Analog DC Speed Control
OME Series General Purpose AC Motors, Industrial Duty Three-Phase
OMHT_series Motores de velocidad gradual, tamaños de carcasa NEMA de 11 a 34
OMHW Series
OMPBD7 Series Devices Non-illuminated Heavy Duty/Oil Tight Push Buttons and Push Button Enclosures
OMPBD7-SS 22mm Series Selector Switches Selector Switches 2-Way, 3-Way & 4-Way Heavy-Duty/Oil Tight Switches
OMPBD7P-LMM Standard Plastic Mushroom, Momentary, Illuminated Pushbuttons
Serie OMPBD7 Dispositivo piloto de 22 mm, conmutadores selectores y botones pulsadores
OMPB-IL Series 22 mm Indicating Lights, suitable for wash down environments.
OMPM-DC Series NEMA 56C Frame DC Motors Permanent Magnet DC Motors - 1/3 to 2 HP, 1800 RPM Heavy Duty Industrial Motors
OMPM-DCE Series Encoder Capable DC Motors - 1/4 to 2 HP Permanent Magnet DC Motors with provisions for encoder mounting.
Serie omsl Columnas luminosas de advertencia Signal 50
OMT Series General Purpose AC Motors, 56C Flange, Single Phase, Fractional and Integral HP
OMTBV7-W Screw Connection Terminal Blocks DIN Rail Terminal Blocks - Feed Through Terminal Blocks, 600V, 20A to 125A, for 2.5mm² to 70mm²
OMTBV7-WFB Screw Connection Fuse Terminal Blocks DIN Rail Fuse Terminal Blocks for 5x20mm Fuse, 300Vac/dc, 15A Single Circuit
OMTBV7-WG Screw Connection Earth Terminal Blocks DIN Rail Mounting Earth Terminal Blocks, 4mm² - 70mm²
OMTBV7-WTC, -WTF, -WTS DIN Rail Thermocouple and Sensor Terminal Blocks
OS-MINIHUB Multi-Channel Infrared Temperature Monitoring System RS485/Modbus
OS-VIR50 Termómetro infrarrojo digital con vídeo
Serie OS100E Sensores/transmisores de temperatura IR industriales en miniatura y sin contacto. Con pantalla LED incorporada (opcional)
OS1327D Infrared Thermometer with USB Interface
Series OS136 Sensor/transmisor de temperatura infrarrojo en miniatura, sin contacto y de bajo coste
Serie OS137 Sensor/transmisor de temperatura infrarrojo compacto, sin contacto
OS150-2USB Series PC Configurable Infrared Temperature Sensor
OS151A-USB Series Compact Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Transmitter USB PC Configurable with 4 to 20 mA Output
OS200 Termómetro corporal infrarrojo sin contacto Extech (FLIR) con límites de alarma ajustables
OS210-150-300-800 Compact Non-Contact Temperature Sensor/Transmitter
OS210-C4 Series Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensor With RS485 MODBUS® RTU Interface
OS212 Series Compact Non-Contact Temperature Sensor (Display module sold separately)
OS3753 DESCONTINUADO Two-Color and Single Color Handheld Infrared Pyrometers
Serie OS4000 Transmisor infrarrojo industrial de fibra óptica de alta velocidad
OS418L Infrared Thermometer with Relative Humidity Measurement
Serie OS423 Termómetro infrarrojo profesional económico
OS499 Series Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer
OS550 Series - See the NEW OS550A Series Industrial Non-contact Infrared Thermometer / Transmitter with Local Display and Analog Output
Serie OS550A Termómetro de infrarrojos industrial. Medición de temperatura sin contacto con pantalla integrada y salida analógica
OS550A-BB Series Industrial Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer/Transmitter OEM
Serie OS555A Termómetro industrial infrarrojo para alta temperatura
OS758-LS Termómetro Infrarrojo de Doble Láser
Series OSTW-(*), HST-(*) and HSTW-(*) Conectores estándar de nailon reforzado con fibra de vidrio.Nailon reforzado con fbra de vidrio de rango de -29 a 180 °C (-20 a 356 °F) Polímero de cristal líquido de rango -29 a 260 °C (-20 a 500 °F)
OSXL-TG165 Economical High Performance Thermal Imager
OSXL207 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
PCM4 Pulse Control Module
PIK & PUK Series DIN Rail Terminal Blocks Sensor and Multi-Level DIN Rail Terminal Blocks with Screw Connection. Ideal for 2-& 3-wire RTDs.
PR-11 Sondas RTD provistas de transición
Serie PR-12 Sondas RTD de platino. Diseño industrial de longitud fija con dimensiones estándar y métrica
Serie PR-21 Sensor RTD con conector M12 para aplicaciones de medición y pruebas y control de proceso
PR-21SL-M12 Series Spring Loaded RTD Sensors with M12 Connectors
Serie PR-22 Sondas de termopar con conectores moldeados M12 ⁄16" 7 Diámetro 1 ⁄10" Tamaños imperial y métricos
Serie PR-23 Sondas RDT con conectores M8 moldeados. Tamaño estándar y métrico
Serie M12LCP Sensor RTD de respuesta rápida con la punta de cobre. A prueba de vibraciones
PR-26 serie métrica Sondas RTD para vibraciones (PT100) con conectores M12.
Series PR-26 Sondas RTD (PT100) con conexiones M12 para vibraciones
Serie PR-31 Sondas RTD con conectores moldeados M12 para altas temperaturas
Tamaños estándar y métricos
PRG200 Series Precision Air Pressure Regulator
PRG300 Series Instrument Air Filter Regulators
PRG350 Series Stainless Steel Filter Regulators for Harsh Environments
PRG700 Series Air Pressure Regulators for High Flow Applications
Serie PRS-S-NB9W Ensamblajes sanitarios de RTD, resistencia estándar con cabezal de protección
PRS-CB Series Hygienic RTD Sensors Hygienic Pt100 Sensors with Integral Cable. For use in CIP Clean-In-Place Applications
PRS-M12 Series Hygienic RTD Sensors 3-A Approved Hygienic RTD Sensor with M12 Connector for use in Sanitary or Hygienic Clean-In-Place (CIP) Applications
PRS-TW-NB9W Hygienic RTD Sensors Thermowell with Hygienic Tri-Clamp fitting and Removable Pt100 Sensor with Polypropylene Terminal Head
Serie PRS-TW-M12 Vaina RTD higiénico y sensor Pt100 desmontable con conector M12
PRTF-12, PRTF-14, PRTF-18, PRTF-19 Series Sensores RTD de platino con cabezal de protección industrial
PRTXB and PRTXAL Series Digital Temperature Transmitters
PRX102 Proximity Sensors
Shielded Inductive Sensors Small Diameter
PS-RDN20 Series Power Supply Redundancy Buffer Module
PS Series Power Supplies for Open Frame Stepper Drives
PSDIN-41000R and PSDIN-42000B Series DIN Rail Mounting Linear Power Supplies
PSW-190 Economical Brass Pressure Switches
PSW-620/PSW-630 Series Economical Pressure and Vacuum Switches
PSW-800 Economical Industrial Pressure Switches for Vacuum to 7500 psi
PSW21 and PSW22 Series Pressure Switch
Compact, Rugged, Adjustable Pressure and Vacuum Switches
PTC-12 Programmable Timer 1/16 DIN
PTC-13 Panel Mount Programmable Timer 1/16 DIN IP65
PTC-15 Programmable Digital Timer with 5 Independent Relays
PTC-1A 1/16 DIN LCD Industrial Timer with 6 Programmable Time Ranges
PTC-20 Series 1/16 DIN Multi-Programmable LED Timers
PTC41 Series 1/8 DIN High Performance Process Timer/Controller
Alambres y cables para sensores y transductores
PX119 Transmisores de Presión Compactos y Resistentes
PX3005-DIFF Transmisor de presión diferencial con pantalla digital
PX309/PX319/PX329/PX359 Series Transductor de Presión de Alto Desempeño
PX5200 Rangeable dp Transmitter Pressure Transmitter, Rangeable Wet/Wet Differential
PX600 Subminiature mV Output Pressure Transducer with Flush Diaphragm. 3/8-24 Fitting
PX610 Subminiature Millivolt Output Type Pressure Transducer for Accurate Measurements in Restricted Locations
Serie PX709GW Nivel/sumergible Transductores de presión sumergibles
para mediciones de agua de nivel, profundidad o tierra
PXM209 and PXM219 Series Rugged Pressure Transmitters
Serie PXM409 Transductores y Transmisores de Silicio Micromecanizado de Precisión
PXM6000 Series Metric, 0-5V Output Diffused Semiconducter Pressure Transmtter, Metric, 0-1 to 0-25 bar, 0-5Vdc Output
PXM600 Series Subminiature Pressure Transducer, mV Output with Flush Diaphragm. G1/8A Fitting
PXM81 Series, 0-5Vdc Output Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transmitters with 0-5Vdc Output
R07-200-RGKA Inline Pressure Regulator General Purpose Air Line Pressure Regulators for Compressed Air
R44 Series Pressure Regulators Pressure Regulators for Inert Gases - Primary and Secondary Pressure Regulation for High and Low Pressure Systems
R72G Series Inline and Modular Air Line Preparation Products Excelon® Pressure Regulators for Compressed Air Systems and Pneumatic Control
REX011 Explosion-Proof Thermostat
RPL Series Parallel Gripper Parallel Pneumatic Grippers - Low Profile
RPLC Series - Parallel Gripper with Clean Room Rating Parallel Pneumatic Grippers - Clean Room and Harsh Environent Rated
RPM Series - Mini Parallel 2-Jaw Gripper Parallel Pneumatic Grippers Miniature Series
RPMC Series - Mini Parallel 2-Jaw Clean Room Gripper Parallel Pneumatic Grippers Miniature Series for Clean Room Applications
RS Series Relay Modules Pluggable Slimline Relays
R Series UL1077 Supplementary Protectors DIN Rail Mount Circuit Breakers
RTD-850 Sensor de RTD/Pt100 con carcasa en miniatura. Construcción de montaje en perno para uso en espacios limitados
S8VM Series DC Power Supplies
S8VS Series DC Power Supplies
Serie SA2C Sensores de superficie RTD autoadhesivos de silicona y flexibles
Series SCE-ELJW Carcasas de unión Enviroline® tipo 4, con ventana de visualización
SCE-FK series Enclosure Leg Kits
SCE-60 and SCE-40 Series Screw Cover, Wall-Mount, Electrical Enclosures in sizes from 100 x 100 to 400 x 350 mm
SCE-TJ Series Wall Mounted Junction Box Junction Boxes - Wall Mount NEMA 4 & 4X Electrical Enclosures for Through Wiring and Housing Electrical Components and Instruments - Sizes 9 x 12 to 9 x 36"
SCE-06NK Series Electrical Enclosures NEMA Type 1 Electrical Enclosures with Knockouts, sized from 18x16 to 24x20
SCE-LP 2-DOOR Series Indoor/Outdoor Electrical Enclosure NEMA Type 3R & 12 Two-Door Metal Electrical Enclosures
SCE-R Series Screw Cover Electrical Enclosure NEMA Type 3R Outdoor Electrical Enclosures in sizes from 4x4 to 12x12
Serie consolas SCE Consolas NEMA de tipo 12/Carcasas de operador de sistemas
Serie SCE-CH Armarios electricos NEMA tipo 12
SCE-60EL and SCE-72EL Outdoor Enclosure NEMA Type 3R & 4 Enviroline® Series Two-Door Steel Electrical Enclosure, 60x48 to 72x72 size
SCE-ELFS Series Enviroline® Series Free-Standing Steel Enclosures
SCE-ELJ Series Enviroline® Junction Electrical Enclosures IP66 Junction Electrical Enclosures. Sizes from 150 x 100 to 500 x 500 mm
SCE-ELJSS Series Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosures NEMA Type 4X 304 and 316 Stainless Steel Enviroline® Junction Enclosures for outdoor and wash down applications, 6x4 to 16x14 sizes
SCE-FS Series Electrical Enclosure NEMA Type 3R &4 Free-Standing Outdoor Electrical Enclosures and Control Panels
SCE-FSD Series Electrical Enclosure and Control Panel NEMA Type 3R & 12 Free-Standing Two-Door Single-Access Indoor/Outdoor Electrical Enclosures
SCE-FSDA Series Electrical Enclosures NEMA Type 3R & 4 Free-Standing, Single-Door Dual-Access Indoor/Outdoor Electrical Enclosures and Control Panels
SCE-FSDAD Series Indoor/Outdoor Electrical Enclosures NEMA Type 3R & 12 Free-Standing, Two-Door Dual-Access Electrical Enclosures and Cabinets
Series SCE-NLP Armarios de puerta única NEMA de tipo 12
SCE-PB Series Pushbutton Enclosures IP55 Steel Pushbutton Enclosures for 22mm & 30.5 mm Pushbuttons
SCE-PBA Series Sloping Pushbutton Enclosures IP55 Steel Sloping Front Pushbutton Enclosures for 22mm & 30.5mm Pushbuttons
SCE-PBSS Series Stainless Steel Push Button Enclosures NEMA Type 4x Stainless Steel 30mm & 22 mm Pushbutton Enclosures
SCE-HSSLP Series Electrical Cabinet NEMA Type 4x 304 and 316 Stainless Steel Two-Door Electrical Enclosures and Cabinets
Si3540 Programmable Stepper Drive with Integrated Power Supply
SL-PS Series Power Supplies Power Supplies, Space Saving DIN Rail Mounting, 10 to 100 Watt for 5, 12, 24 & 48 VDC
SMLA-TC Termopar con Entrada de Campo y Límite de Alarma Configurable
HMPW/SMPW Los conectores miniatura más populares Tipo SMPW, nailon reforzado con fibra de vidrio y temperatura de servicio de -29 a 180ºC; Tipo HMPW, Polímero de cristal líquido con temperatura de servicio de 260ºC
SPRTX and STCTX Series Universal Temperature Connector-Transmitter; for RTD’s and Thermocouples
SSRDC100V Series Solid State Relays for Vdc Input/ Vdc Output
Serie SSRDIN660 Relés de estado sólido de montaje en rieles DIN de una y tres fases
SSRDIN Series DIN Rail Mount Solid State Relays
SSRINT660 Series INTELLIGENT SSR Vac Input / Vac Output. DIN Rail or Panel Mount
Serie SSRL Relés de Estado Sólido. Alta Fiabilidad, Entrada Vcc/Salida Vca, Entrada Vca/Salida Vca
ST Series Performance Stepper Drives With Advanced Features And Control Options
STAC6 Series High Performance Stepper Drives with Integrated Power Supply
STM Series Integrated Stepper Drives/Motors with Advanced Features and Control Options
STR Series Step and Direction Stepper Drives
SV-1600 OMEGA-FLO™ 3-way Solenoid Valves for Pneumatics, 1/4 " NPT
SV3100 Series Low Cost Solenoid Valves Direct-Acting
SV3200 Series Solenoid Valves General Purpose
SV3300 Series OMEGA-FLO® 2-Way General Purpose Solenoid Valves
B-P, B-J, B-K, B-T, B-N Series Pt100 & Thermocouple Assemblies with DIN B Head, for Industrial Applications
P, J, K, T, N Series Pt100 & Thermocouple Probes for Industrial & Laboratory Applications
TX03 2-Wire Loop Powered Display
TX12 RTD In-Head Temperature Transmitter
Serie TX1500 Transmisores aislados de 4 a 20 mA para aplicaciones exigentes
TX83A and TX84 Two-Wire, Process-Loop Indicator in NEMA-4X Housing
Serie TXDIN1600 Transmisor universal para carril DIN
TXDIN70 Transmisor de temperatura para DIN doble
TXUN-FD Transmisor de temperatura con protocolo de comunicaciones Hart
Serie TYUTH95 OMEGAFLEX® Poliuretano, durómetro Shore 95A, basado en éter
UL489 Molded Case Circuit Breakers Circuit Breakers for Branch Circuit Protection
UV1000-PM Programmable Universal Verbaliser 1/8 DIN Panel Meter
Serie UWBT Data logger Bluetooth® de OMEGA™ para temperatura, humedad y pH
UWIR-2-NEMA Sensor de Temperatura Infrarrojo sin Contacto con Transmisor Inalámbrico
UWIR-2A-NEMA Series Weather Resistant Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensor
With Wireless Transmitter
UWPC-2-NEMA Transmisor de proceso inalámbrico para sensores con salida de voltaje o corriente
UWPC-2A-NEMA-M12 Series Weather Resistant Wireless Process Transmitter
Voltage/Current Transmitter
UWPH-2A-NEMA-M12 Series Weather Resistant Wireless pH/Temperature Transmitter
UWRH-2A-NEMA-M12 Series Weather Resistant Wireless Relative Humidity/Temperature Transmitter
UWRTD-2A-NEMA Series Weather Resistant Temperature-to-Wireless
Serie UWTC Sistema convertidor/conector de temperatura inalámbrico The Smart Connector
UWTC-2-NEMA Transmisor inalámbrico resistente al clima para termopar y Pt100{wireless}{USB}{ethernet}{winxp}{vista}
Serie UWTC-2A-NEMA Transmisores de temperatura inalámbricos para termopares. Resistentes a la intemperie
UWTC-REC4 Wireless DIN Rail Mount Receiver with Analog Outputs
UWTC-REC6 Módulo transceptor universal inalámbrico
V60 Series In-Line Pneumatic Directional Control Valves Pneumatic Directional Control Valves, 2-way, 3-way or 4-way air or solenoid operated.
VM10 Series Directional Control Valves Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Islands
WD Series Wire Duct Wiring Duct for Routing and Organizing Wire in Control Panels
Sensores y Transmisores Inalámbricos Nuevo Buscador de Sensores y Transmisores Inalámbricos Omega.
WMS Series Supplementary Protectors UL 1077 Dual Rated AC & DC Circuit Breaker Protection
Serie WT Termopar de disco resistente de tipo blindado
XBPT Series Feed Through Spring Cage Terminal Blocks
XBPT PE Series Spring Cage Earth Terminal Blocks
XBQ Series Insulation Displacement Connection Terminal Blocks
XBQT Series Insulation Displacement Connection Earth Terminal Blocks
XBTK Series Thermocouple Terminal Blocks Type K, J, E, T, R/S
XBUK150 and XBUK95PE High Current Terminal Blocks
Serie XBUT Descripción general de los bloques terminales
XBUT-F Series Fused Terminal Blocks
XBUT10 Series 10.2 mm Feedthrough Terminal Block
XBUT16 Series 12 mm Feedthrough Terminal Block
XBUT25 Series 5.2 mm Feedthrough Terminal Block
XBUT35 Series 16 mm Terminal Block
XBUT4 Series 6.2 mm Feedthrough Terminal Block
XBUT4TG/XBUT4MT/XBUKK4DIO Series Screw Connection and Component Terminal Blocks
XBUT6 Series 8.2 mm Feedthrough Terminal Block
XBUT D Series Screw Connection Multi-Conductor Terminal Blocks
Serie XBUT PE Bloques de terminales de tierra
XBUTT and XB3UK Series Double and Triple Terminal Blocks
GG-K, HH-K, TG-K, TT-K, FF-K, PR-K, XC-K, XT-K, XL-K Cable de termopar dúplex con aislamiento
Serie GG-N, HH-N, TG-N, TT-N, XC-N, XL-N, XT-N, XS-N Cable de termopar dúplex aislado
XRU1H Series High Current Terminal Block Relays
XTCE and XTOB Series IEC Contactors and Overload Relays
XTMC Series Mini IEC Contactors and Overload Relays
XTPB and XTPR Series Manual Motor Protectors
XTRE Series Control Relays
YBK Series Tension Clamp Terminals Blocks Feed Through & Ground Terminal Blocks
ZB SERIES Rotary Encoder
ZEN Series Programmable Relays
ZMD Series Contact Rotary Encoder Miniature Length Sensor
ZR011 Series Dual Thermostat
ZSD Series High Precision Shaft Encoder Shaft Servo Mount Rotary Pulse Generator
ZW-REC Sistema de Sensores Inalámbricos - Receptores de Largo Alcance

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