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Heater Products

Model Description
17000/18000 Series Cartridge and Immersion Temperature Controllers
Paquete de 5
Termopares aislados, listos para utilizarse
Serie 5TC Termopares aislados listos para utilizarse
con conductores pelados
6100 Series 1/16 DIN Proportional or On-Off Temperature Controllers with Dedicated Inputs & Ranges
A Series A Series Ring Heaters
A(*)P and A(*)PF Series Compost Thermometers with 12 to 72" Long Stems
ADH and ADHT Series High Temperature Air Duct Heaters
AHF Series MAXIMUM FLOW AIR HEATERS, For Low Pressure, High Flow Air Heating
Serie AHP Calentadores de proceso de aire tipo "T"
Para calentamiento en línea de aire y gas
Serie AHPF Calentadores de bajo caudal de aire y circulación de líquidos
Para calentamiento en línea de aire, gas y líquidos
ARMT-2 Series Rugged Clean Water Immersion Heater—2" NPT Brass Fitting
ARMT-3 Series Heavy Duty Clean Water Immersion Heater with 2½" NPT Fitting
ARMTI-2 Series Immersion heaters, Incoloy Sheath—2" NPT fitting
ARMTI-3 Series Heavy Duty Solution Water Immersion Heaters—2 1/2 " NPT Fitting
ARMTO-2 Series Lightweight Oil Immersion Heater with Integral Thermostat—2" NPT Steel Fitting
ARMTO-2 Series Medium Weight Oil Immersion Heater with Integral Thermostat—2" NPT Fitting
ARMTO-3 Series Lightweight Oil Immersion Heater with Integral Thermostat 2 1/2" NPT Screw Plug
ARMTO-3 Series Medium Weight Oil Immersion Heater with Integral Thermostat—2 1/2" NPT Steel Fitting
ARMTS-2 Series Rugged Process Water Immersion Heater with 2" NPT Fitting
ARMTS-3 Series Heavy Duty Immersion Heater with Integral Thermostat— 2 1/2" NPT Fitting
ARTM Series Clean Water Immersion Heater with Integral Thermostat, 1" NPT Fitting
ARTMO Series Lightweight Oil Immersion Heater with Thermostat—1" NPT Steel Fitting
ARTMS Series Immersion Heater with Stainless Steel Wetted Construction, 1"NPT
ATS and ATU Series Tubular Heaters with Flat Cross-Sections
BBS, BBP, RLNC and RLNI Heater Wiring Accessories: Ring Terminals, Butt-Splice Terminals, Twist-On Connectors and Bus Bars
BLCS Series Over-the-Side Immersion Heaters for Deep Tank Heating
BOS Series Benchtop Oscilloscope
C-HD Series Heavy Duty Cartridge Heaters
CAB and CABB Series Low Temperature Air Duct Heaters
Cartridge Heater Information Information, Application and Selection
CG Series IP68 Cable Glands and Cable Grips with Strain Relief
CH-OTS Portable Tank Heater
CH-SD Series Compact Immersion Heater for Difficult Clean Liquids–2" NPT Fitting
Serie CIR, diámetros 1/2" y 5/8" Calentadores de cartucho de la serie CIR con vaina de Incoloy y alta densidad de vatios con diámetros de 1/2 "y 5/8"
Serie CIR Calentadores de cartucho de alto vatiaje con vaina incoloy de ¼" (1 cm) de diámetro
3/4" Diameter CIR Series CIR Series High Watt Density Cartidge Heaters with Incoloy Sheath 3/4 " Diameter
3/8" Diameter CIR Series High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters with Incoloy Sheath 3/8 Inch Diameter
Custom CIR Series CIR Heaters with Built-in Thermocouples
Cartridge Heater Reference Modifications and Options (for CIR Series)
CHSA, HTRC and SCB Series Cartridge Heater Sleeve Adaptors, Heat Transfer and Release Coating, Unique Space Heater SCB Series
CL-200 Series Digital Dry Block Heaters
Serie CL1500 Calibrador de bloque seco caliente/frío de sobremesa
CL1600 Surface Probe Tester
CL3001 Calibrador de laboratorio
CL427 Series Portable Multifunction Calibrator
CMB Series Compact Steam Boiler
CMX Water Circulating Temperature Controller
CN132 1/32 DIN Autotune Temperature/Process Dual Setpoint Controllers
CN142 Series Controlador universal de temperatura y proceso
Serie CN4000 Reguladores de temperatura/proceso de 1⁄16, ⅛, y ¼ DIN con Fuzzy Logic
CN6201 Series 1/16 DIN Ramp/Soak Temperature/Process Controllers
CN6221 Series 1/16 DIN Limit Controller
CN63200 and CN63400 Series 1/16 DIN Autotune Temperature and Process Controllers
CN63300 Series 1/16 DIN Process Controllers
CN63500 Series 1/16 DIN High/Low Limit Controller
Serie CN700 Regulador de límite con zumbador audible
CN710 Series 1/8 DIN Vertical Temperature Controllers
CN7200 Series 1/4 DIN Ramp/Soak Temperature/Process Controllers
CN730 Series 1/4 DIN Temperature Controllers
Serie CN740 Reguladores de temperatura de DIN 1⁄16
CN74000 Series 1/32 DIN Ramp/Soak Controllers
Serie CN7500 Reguladores de rampa/meseta de 1/32 DIN
CN7600 Series 1/8 DIN Vertical Ramp/Soak Temperature/Process Controllers
Serie CN7800 Reguladores de rampa/meseta de 1/16 DIN
CN79000 Series 1/32 DIN Dual-Zone Controllers
CN8100 Series 1/4 DIN, PID, On/Off, or Limit Controllers
CN8201 Series 1/16 Din Universal Temperature & Process Controllers with 8 Segment Ramp/Soak Capability
CN8240 and CN8260 Series 1/8 DIN Verttical and 1/4 DIN Universal Input Temperature/Process Controllers
CN8590 Series Process Controllers
CN9000A Series 1/16 DIN Autotune PID/On-Off Controllers with Modular Output Options
CN9300, CN9400, CN9500 and CN9600 Series 1/32 & 1/16 DIN Temperature/Process Autotune Controllers
CN9600 Series 1/16 DIN Temperature/Process Autotune Multi Ramp and Soak Controllers
Serie CNi-AL
Regulador de límites de temperatura/proceso
CNi Series Family i-Series 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 DIN Programmable Temperature/Process Controllers with RS-232 & RS-485 Communications.
Serie CNi32 Reguladores PID de tensión, proceso y temperatura de 1/32 DIN
Serie CNi8 Reguladores PID de tensión, proceso y temperatura de ⅛ DIN
Serie CNi8C Reguladores PID de tensión, proceso y temperatura de 1/8 DIN con carcasa ultra compacta
Serie CNi8C-EN Controlador-indicador de temperatura, procesos y tensión, para montaje en pared
Serie CNi8D Reguladores PID de tensión, proceso y temperatura de 1/8 DIN con pantalla doble
CNPt_Series Serie PLATINUM de controladores de temperatura y proceso
CR027 Series Enclosure Fan Heaters
CR030 and CR130 Series High Performance Enclosure Fan Heaters
CRE_CRR Series Bulb Radiant Heaters
CREX020 Series Hazardous Area Heater 50W, 100W
CRFC Series High Temperature, Low Mass, Vacuum Formed Ceramic Radiant Full Cylinder Heaters
CRHP and CRHF Series Ceramic Heater Plates
CRRS Series CERAMIC RIBBON HEATERS Ultra-High Temperature, Helically Wound
CRWS Series CRWS Series Semi-Cylindrical Ceramic Heaters
CS060 Series Touch-Safe Heater 50 to 150 W
Serie CSF060 Calentador seguro al tacto de 50 a 150 W
Serie CSi8DH Reguladores digitales para montaje en mesa, con conectividad a Ethernet opcional
CSK060 Series Touch-Safe Small Heater 10 W, 20 W
CSS and CSH Series Stainless Steel Sheath Cartridge Heaters Standard and High Watt Density Construction
CVCHS Series Booster Heater-Corrosion Solution Applications
CWM Constant Wattage Heat Cable
DA084 Series Vent Plug IP55
DA284 Series Pressure Compensation Device
DB & DBW Series ONE-PIECE BAND HEATERS 1 1/2"(4cm) & 2 1/2"(6cm) Wide
DHT Series High Temperature, Dual-Element Heating Tapes
Escáner de temperatura automático de ¼ DIN de 10 canales{WINXP}{VISTA}{WIN7}
DP18 Series 1/8 DIN Economical Digital Meters for Temperature, Process or Electrical Measurement
DP24-T Medidor de termopar DIN ⅛
DP25B-E Process Input Panel Meter with Large, 3-Colour Display
DP25B-RTD 1/8 DIN Panel Meter for Pt100 Input
DP25B-S Medidor/Controlador de celdas de carga y tensión
Serie DP25B Medidores de tensión, de proceso y de temperatura de ⅛ DIN. Con relés opcionales y salida analógica
DP26 Series 1/8 DIN Dual Input Indicator/Controller which can be used for Differential Temperature Measurement
DP41 1/8 DIN 6-Digit Panel Meters
DP41-B Medidor de ⅛ DIN de muy alto rendimiento
DP63000 Digital Panel Meters For Temperature, Process, Voltage and Current
DP63200-RTD 1/8 DIN Digital Panel RTD Meters
DP63400-T 1/8 DIN Digital Panel Temperature Meters For Thermocouple and RTD Inputs
DP63500-T 1/8 DIN Digital Panel Temperature Meters For Thermocouple and RTD Inputs
Serie DP7000 Medidor de temperatura con salida de control de alarma encendido/apagado con alarma audible
DP9601 Series High Precision Digital RTD Thermometer/Data Logger
DP9602 Series High Precision Digital RTD/Thermocouple Thermometer/Data Logger
DP97 DESCONTINUADO High Accuracy Digital Thermometers - Exceptional Performance and Versatility
DP9800 Series 8-Channel Benchtop Digital Thermometer Data Logger
Serie DPi-AL Indicadores de temperatura/ proceso con salidas de alarma
Serie DPi Medidores de temperatura, proceso y tensión
DPi16 i-Series 1/16 DIN Temperature/Process Panel Meters
Serie DPi1701 Indicador Gráfico y Registrador de Datos para Temperatura y Procesos. 1/8 DIN
DPi32 i-Series 1/32 DIN Temperature/Process Panel Meters
DPi8C and DPiS8C i-Series 1/8 DIN Ultra Compact Temperature, Process and Strain Meters
Serie iDRN/iDRX Acondicionadores/transmisores con salida digital y analógica{RS232}{RS485}
DRTB-Rail Series DIN Rails, Standard and Pre-Cut Lengths
TOTE-BH-55 Drum Heaters and Insulating Blanket
DWH & DWH-MR Series Screw Plug Immersion Heaters with Integral Thermostat for Commercial Dishwashers
EMH Series Screw Plug Immersion Heaters
STYLE EMT-3 2 inch NPT Brass Screw Plug Immersion Heaters for Clean Water Applications
EMTI-3 Series Screw Plug Immersion Heaters for Solution Water Applications
EMTO-3000 Series Screw Plug Immersion Heaters
EMTS - 3 Series Process Water Immersion Heater, 3 Element Design–2" NPT Fitting
Serie ETF012 Higrotermo electrónico
FCDDH-3200-240 Dual Zone Drum Heater
FCDH Series Drum Heaters 55 Gallon Wraparound
FE Series Medium Temperature Constant Wattage Heating Cable
FF018 Series Filter Fan
FF018 Large Series Filter Fan for Larger Enclosures
FF01821 Filter Fans for Larger Enclosures
FFB-8 Series Temperature Calibrator - Precision Fluidized Bath for Probes
FFB50 Industrial Cleaning/Fluidized Baths
Serie FGR Calentadores de cuerda de Omegalux®
FGS, FGH, FWH Series High Temperature Heater Tapes
Cable fino con aislamiento dúplex, alambre de termopar
FSH Series Ceramic Insulated Finned Strip Heaters
FSRM Series High Temperature Modular Hopper Heaters
FT011 and FTD011 Series Tamperproof Thermostat
FTH Series Liquid Flow Through Heaters
FTS Series Finned Tubular Air Heating Elements
G Series DialTempTM, Bi-Metal Stem Thermometers, 1.73" Head
G3NA Series General Purpose Solid State Relays
GCHAI Medium Temperature Steam, Air and Gas Applications
GCHCIS Series Small Capacity/Low Flow Gas Applications
GCHI and GCHIB Series Steam, Air and Gas Applications to 750°F
NWHMTSS, NWHIS, NWHOIS and GCHIS Series Pure Water, Corrosive Solution and High Temperature Gas Applications
GCHIS, GCHISB and GCHISR Series High Temperature Gas Circulation Heater for Applications to 1200°F
GCW Series Gas Cylinder Warmers
GL and HL Series All Stainless Steel Bi-Metal Stem Thermometers, 1.73" and 2.37" Head
GTF and GTFL Series
GTF6 and GTF9 Styles Side Mount Fluoropolymer Covered Heaters
H & V Series Rugged Wall Mounted Convection Heaters
HB Series LONG-LIFE BAND HEATERS 11/2"(4cm) Wide HB Series Two-Piece Band Heaters
HBT and HBZ Optional Terminal Styles and Features for HBT and HBZ Series
HCS Series Ceramic Insulated Strip Heaters
Serie HCTB-3000/ RCTB-3000 Baños de circulación de temperatura constante
HDB Constant Temperature Heated Dry Baths
Heat Cable Reference Specifying Heat Cable
Tubular Heaters Application Note
Tubular Heaters Factory Bending Guide
Tubular Heaters Design and Application Guide
Band Heaters Introduction to Band Heaters
Circulation Heaters Selection Guide
Strip Heaters Technical Reference for Strip Heaters
Circulation Heaters General Information, Terminal Enclosures and Control Options
Tubular Heaters Terminal Options
General Information Introduction to Heater Hookup Wire
Calentadores Nuevo Buscador de Calentadores Omega.
HF-203, HF-303 and HF-403 Heavy Duty Portable Heaters
HGL Series Compact Enclosure Fan Heater
HH81A & HH82A Series Rugged Handheld Digital Thermometers
HH80 Series Rugged HH80 Series Thermometer/Datalogger {RS232}{WINXP}
HHM-380395 Series Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester
HHM-EX500 Series Industrial Multimeters Waterproof (IP67) for Heavy-Duty Use
HHM-EX542 Multímetro / registrador de datos con conexión inalámbrica a PC {WIRELESS}{WINXP}{VISTA}
HHM-EX623 Clamp Meter 400 A Dual Input with Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer and Voltage
HHM-EX830 1000A Clamp Meters with Infrared Thermometer
HHM-EX845 CAT IV 1000A Clamp Meter with Infrared Thermometer
HHM-GRT300 4-Wire Earth Ground Resistance Tester Kit
HHM-MA1500 1500A True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter and Non-Contact Voltage
HHM-MA640 600 A True RMS Clamp Meters and Non-Contact Voltage
HHM-MG300 Insulation Tester/Multimeter with Wireless PC Interface
HHM-MN Series Digital Multimeters with Non-Contact Voltage Detection
HHM10, HHM20 and HHM30 Series Low Cost Handheld DMMs
OMEGAETTE® HHM221 Mini Current Clamp Meter
HHM33, HHM34, HHM35 OMEGAETTE® Mix and Match Series, Low Cost Digital Multimeters
HHM59 DMM/Thermometer With AC Clamp Feature
HHM590 Series Clamp On Digital Multimeters for AC and DC Current
HHM60 Series Stick Type DMM/Thermometer, Easy to Hold, Lightweight
HHM63 and HHM64 Stick Type DMM/Thermometer
HHM65 Insulation Tester
HHM800 Series Flexible AC Current Probes
Series HHM8229 Multímetro digital automático 5 en 1
HHM90 Series OMEGAETTE® Low Cost High Performance Multimeters
HHM98P Clamp-on Power Meter
HHMI60 Series Insulation Tester
HHT12 Economical Non-Contact Pocket Optical Tachometer
HHT13 Contact/Non-Contact Pocket Laser Tachometer
HHT-1500 Handheld Digital Tachometer. Optional RS232 Comms and Software
HHT30R Digital Stroboscope
HHT41B Portable Digital Industrial Stroboscope
HOS-MS420 Digital Oscilloscope 20 MHz 2-Channel
HPL-11, HPL-13 Hot Plates
HTC Wraparound Heating Cords
HTSM Series Very High Temperature Furnace Heater Cable. 700°C
HTGG-1NI Series Glass Insulated High Temperature Heater Hook-up Wire. 250°C
HTMG Series Mica-Glass Insulated Very High Temperature Heater Hook-up Wire. 450°C
HTRG-1CU Series Silicone Rubber Insulated High Temperature Heater Hook-up Wire. 200°C
Serie HTTG Cable de conexión aislado de vidrio PFA para calentadores de alta temperatura
HTWAT Series Heating Tapes with Adjustable Thermostat
HTWC Series Cinta de calentamiento con controlador porcentual.
HTWT101 and HTWT102 Series Flexible Silicon Rubber Heating Tapes with Built in Thermostats
HVL031 Series Compact Enclosure Fan Heater
HX94 Series Relative Humidity/Temperature Transmitter, Duct Style
(*)IN and (*)SS 1.5 to 6mm Diameter MI Construction Thermocouples Terminated With A Standard Size Thermocouple Plug
INTRODUCTION TO FLEXIBLE HEATERS Introduction to Silicone Rubber/Fiberglass and Polyimide Film Insulated Flexible Heaters
J and L Series DialTemp™, Bi-Metal Stem Thermometers, 3" and 5" Heads
DialTemp K-79 Series DialTempTM Thin Stem Pocket Thermometer
KBLC & KBLS Series Over-the-side Immersion Heaters for Drum Heating
KE and FE Accessories Constant Wattage Heating Cable Accessories
KE Series High Temperature Constant Wattage Heating Cable
KH-KIT-EFH-15001 Kapton® Heater Kit
Series KHR, KHLV, KH Calentadores flexibles aislados con película de poliamida - Producto Descontinuado
KSEF Series Coiled Finned Elements for Round Ductwork
Serie KT011 Termostato pequeño
HM Series Laboratory Heating Mantles
LDC6 Series Low Density Cartridge Heater with 304 Stainless Steel Sheath ¾" (19.05 mm) Nominal Diameter
LHM Series Self-Standing Laboratory Heating Mantles
LMF Series Benchtop Muffle Furnace with a 550 Cubic Inch Chamber
LMS Series Tubular Heaters, 3/8 Inch Diameter, Heart Cross-Section
MB-1 SERIES 1-Piece Mica Insulated Band Heater
MB-2 SERIES 2-Piece Mica Insulated Band Heater
MFO and RCT Series AC Current Transformers for Ammeters (Low Voltage)
MFR0122 Mechanical Hygrostat
MH Series Electric Motor Heaters
MPS10 Series Melting Point Apparatus
MPS11 Series Analog Melting Point Apparatus
MPS30 Series Melting Point Tester
MPS40 Series Melting Point Tester
MT-3 Series Clean Water 1 or 3 Phase Immersion Heater— 2½" NPT Fitting
MT Series Screw Plug Immersion Heaters for Clean Water Applications
MT-1 Series Clean Water Immersion Heater 1 1/4" NPT Fitting
MT-2 Series UL Listed and Nema 1 Rated Clean Water Immersion 2" NPT
MTI-2 Series Reliable Solution Water Type Immersion Heater —2" NPT Fitting
MTO-LT Series Pipe Insert Heaters
MTO-1 Series Immersion Heater for Light Weight Oil Applications
MTO-2 & EMTO-3 STYLES Immersion Heaters for Heavy Weight Oil Applications
MTO-2 Series LIGHTWEIGHT OIL IMMERSION HEATER With 2 Element Design With 2 Inch NPT Steel Screw Plug
MTO-2 Series Medium Weight Oil Immersion Heater with 2 Element Design-2" NPT Steel Screw Plug
MTO-3 Series Lightweight Oil Immersion Heater with 3 Element Construction—2 1/2" NPT Steel Fitting
MTO-3 Series Medium Weight Oil Immersion Heater 3 Element Design
MTR-1 Motor Rotation Indicator 2 Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise Motor Rotation
MTS-1 Series Screw Plug Immersion Heaters for Process Water Applications
MTS Series Screw Plug Immersion Heaters for Process Water Applications Stainless Steel Elements
MTS-2 Series Heavy Duty Immersion Heater for Process Water—2"NPT Fitting
MTS-3 Series Rugged Process Water Immersion Heater with 2 1/2"NPT Fitting
Termopares industriales con aislamiento mineral con cabezal de protección y conexión de proceso
NCRR Series Resistance Heating Ribbon Wire
NEP-TX Series Molten Metal Ceramic Sheath Thermocouple
NI60 Resistance Heating Wire, Nickel-Chromium Alloy, 60% Nickel/ 16% Chromium (Balance Iron)
NI80 Resistance Heating Wire, Nickel-Chromium Alloy, 80% Nickel/ 20% Chromium
NIC80 y NIC60 Cable enrollado de resistencia de aleación de níquel y cromo
NOX and UOX Series Ultra High Temperature Standard Size Thermocouple Connectors, With and Without Glaze That Can Contaminate High Vacuum
NS & NSL Series Seamless Incoloy Sheath Strip Heaters
NSA Series High Temperature Strip Heaters
NWHIS Series Pure Water and Mildly Corrosive Solution Applications
NWHJR Series Booster Heater-Water Applications
NWHMTO Series Light and Medium Weight Oil Applications
NWHMTOR Series Medium and Heavy Weight Oil Applications
NWHO and NWHOB Series Light and Medium Weight Oil Applications
NWHOIS Series Corrosive Oil and Highly Corrosive Solution Applications
NWHOR and NWHORB Series Heavy Oil and Fuel Oil Applications(Baffled)
OB-100, OB-200 Epoxy Series, & OT-201 Thermal Grease Thermally Conductive Epoxies and Thermally Conductive Grease
OM-SGD-43-A Display de Gráficos Inteligentes Programable
OM-SGD-ADPT-TC Módulo de Acondicionamiento de Señal Termopar
OM-SGD-SERIES Displays Gráficos Inteligentes
OS150-2USB Series PC Configurable Infrared Temperature Sensor
OS151A-USB Series Compact Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Transmitter USB PC Configurable with 4 to 20 mA Output
OS210-150-300-800 Compact Non-Contact Temperature Sensor/Transmitter
OS210-C4 Series Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensor With RS485 MODBUS® RTU Interface
OS212 Series Compact Non-Contact Temperature Sensor (Display module sold separately)
OS418L Infrared Thermometer with Relative Humidity Measurement
Series OS523E y OS524E Termómetro infrarrojo portátil para altas temperaturas y de alto rendimiento
OS550 Series - See the NEW OS550A Series Industrial Non-contact Infrared Thermometer / Transmitter with Local Display and Analog Output
OSAT Sensor de Temperatura Infrarrojo Intrínsecamente Seguro
Serie OSTW-CC Conectores con abrazadera de cables y tapas integradas. Conector tipo OSTW con tapa y abrazadera de cables
OSXL207 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
OTF Strip Heater Series Finned Strip Heaters For Fast Heat Transfer
PCM4 Pulse Control Module
PCM5 Pulse Control Module
PHSEQ OMEGALUX® Phase Sequence Indicator
PR-10 General Purpose RTD (PT100) Probes
PR-11 Sondas RTD provistas de transición
Serie PR-12 Sondas RTD de platino. Diseño industrial de longitud fija con dimensiones estándar y métrica
Serie PR-22 Sondas de termopar con conectores moldeados M12 ⁄16" 7 Diámetro 1 ⁄10" Tamaños imperial y métricos
Serie PR-24 Sensores de temperatura RTD con conectores micro-DIN
PRS-CB Series Hygienic RTD Sensors Hygienic Pt100 Sensors with Integral Cable. For use in CIP Clean-In-Place Applications
PRS-M12 Series Hygienic RTD Sensors 3-A Approved Hygienic RTD Sensor with M12 Connector for use in Sanitary or Hygienic Clean-In-Place (CIP) Applications
PRS-TW-NB9W Hygienic RTD Sensors Thermowell with Hygienic Tri-Clamp fitting and Removable Pt100 Sensor with Polypropylene Terminal Head
Serie PRS-TW-M12 Vaina RTD higiénico y sensor Pt100 desmontable con conector M12
PRTXB and PRTXAL Series Digital Temperature Transmitters
PTC-12 Programmable Timer 1/16 DIN
PTC-13 Panel Mount Programmable Timer 1/16 DIN IP65
PTC-14 Temporizador programable
PTC-15 Programmable Digital Timer with 5 Independent Relays
Temporizador programable
PTC-1A 1/16 DIN LCD Industrial Timer with 6 Programmable Time Ranges
PTC41 Series 1/8 DIN High Performance Process Timer/Controller
PTC900/PTC901 Series 1/8 DIN Panel-Mount Programmable Timer and Real-Time Clock
PTH Series Over the Side Immersion Heaters for Plating Tanks
PTHF Series Over the Side Immersion Heaters for Corrosive Solutions
Alambres y cables para sensores y transductores
Q and QP Series DialTempTM, Bi-Metal Stem Thermometers Models Q-(*) and QP-(*), 1.16" Head
QG Series High Temperature Ceran Glass-Faced Infared Panel Heaters
RAD/RADD Series Single and Double Fixed Element Radiant Process Heaters
RC016 Series Small Semiconductor Enclosure Heater
Serie RD4 y RD6 Programador con pantalla remota
REX011 Explosion-Proof Thermostat
RH87 Medidor ambiental multifunción
RHCN-3 Relative Humidity Controller
RHXL3SD Datalogger y termómetro/higrómetro manual
RI, RIO, RIS Series Screw Plug Immersion Heaters for Small Tanks
RIN Series Screw Plug Immersion Heaters Rin Series for Small Tanks
RTAS Air-Sensing Thermostats for Heating Cables
RTBC Bulb and Capillary Thermostats for Heating Cables
RTD-800 Series Precision RTD Probes for Laboratory & Industrial Applications
RTES Junction Box and Controls Enclosures
Cable Accessories Heat Cable Accessories: Splice & Tee Box, Power Connection Box
RTU Series 3/8 Inch(9.5mm) Diameter Heart Cross-Section
S Series Strip Heaters, One terminal at Each End
Paquete de 5 Serie SA1 Termopares de respuesta rápida con revestimiento autoadhesivo
SCE-FK series Enclosure Leg Kits
Enclosure Accessory Door Handles Enclosure Door Latch Handles, Knobs and Key Latches
SCR19 and SCR39 Series SCR Power Controllers for Electrical Resistance Heaters
SCR19-H and SCR39-H SCR Power Controllers
SCREWPLUG Selection Guide Selection of Screw Plug Immersion Heaters
FLANGED Reference Dimensional References for Flanged Immersion Heaters
FLANGED_SELECTION Selection of Flanged Immersion Heaters
IMMERSION HEATERS Introduction Introduction to Over-the Side Immersion Heaters
SCREWPLUG Reference Introduction to Screw Plug Immersion Heaters
SEPDH Series Explosion Resistant Drum Heaters
SEPHB Series Heavy Duty Explosion Resistant Heating Blankets
SHDH and SSDH Series Silicone Rubber Laminated Drum Heaters
SHO Series Suction Heater - Asphalt and Fuel Oil Applications
SL025 Series Slimline Lamp with On/Off Switch and Motion Sensor
Serie SMPW-CC Conector en miniatura con abrazadera para cables y tapa integrada. Nailon reforzado con fibra de vidrio de rango de -29 a 180 °C
HMPW/SMPW Los conectores miniatura más populares Tipo SMPW, nailon reforzado con fibra de vidrio y temperatura de servicio de -29 a 180ºC; Tipo HMPW, Polímero de cristal líquido con temperatura de servicio de 260ºC
SN and SNH Series Rugged, Reliable Strip Heaters
SRBH Series Beaker Heaters
SREH600 Silicon Rubber Enclosure Heaters
SRF3 and SRF5 and SRF8 Low Cost Self-Regulating Freeze Protection Heating Cable
SRFE Series ENCLOSURE HEATERS for Protection from Freezing or Condensation in Enclosures
Serie SRF Calentadores flexibles de silicona con aislamiento de fibra de vidrio
SRFRA and SRFGA Series Silicon Heaters | Flexible heating elements in Rubber and Fiberglass
SRL Series Self-Regulating Heating Cable/Low Temperature
SRM Series Self-Regulating Rapid-Trace Heating Cable/Medium Temperature
SRMU Silicone Rubber Heaters - Square/Rectangular Heat Blankets
SRT Series Medium Temperature Heating Tapes
SSE, SSEM & SSNHM Series Seamless Strip Heaters without Mounting Tabs
SSHB Series Rugged Low Cost Flexible Heating Blankets
SSR330 & SSR660 Series Solid State Relays for Vdc & Vac Input/ Vac Output
SSR3PH Series THREE-PHASE SSR Vac Input / Vac Output. DIN Rail or Panel Mount
SSRDC100V Series Solid State Relays for Vdc Input/ Vdc Output
Serie SSRDIN660 Relés de estado sólido de montaje en rieles DIN de una y tres fases
SSRDIN Series DIN Rail Mount Solid State Relays
SSRLDUAL240 Series Dual Solid State Relays 25 and 40 Amp; Vdc Input/Vac Output
Serie SSRL Relés de Estado Sólido. Alta Fiabilidad, Entrada Vcc/Salida Vca, Entrada Vca/Salida Vca
Series STH, SST y SWH Cintas calentadoras a temperaturas elevadas
STRS Series 0.315 Inch (0.8 cm) Diameter Round Cross-Section Single-End Terminal
STRI and STRS 0.315" (0.8 cm) and 0.475" (1.2 cm) Diameter Round Cross-section Single-End Terminal Tubular Heaters
STRIP Heater Accessories Terminal Covers, Clamping Bands and Insulators
SUR Series DialTempTM Surface Thermometers Dual Fahrenheit & Celsius Dials
TBL Series Over-the-Side Immersion Heaters for Salt Bath Heating
Modelos TCY20, TCY25, TCY30 y TCY48 Termocicladores
Serie TH-10-44000 Sondas termistor para uso general
TI Series 1/2(12.7mm) Diameter Heart Cross-Section
Serie TJ Sondas con unión de transición resistentes
TL & KTL Series Heavy Duty Over-the-side Immersion Heaters
Model TL-WELD Soldador de alambre fino y termopar
TLC and KTLC Series Over-the-side Immersion Heaters for Clean Water Applications
TLI & KTLI Series Corrosive Fluids Over-the Side Immersion Heaters
TLO & KTLO SERIES Over The Side Immersion Heaters for Medium Oils
TLS & KTLS Series Over-the Side Immersion Heaters for Mildly Corrosive Fluids
TM Series Flanged Immersion Heaters for Clean Water
TM/TMO Series Rugged Screw Plug Immersion Heaters for Small Tanks
TMI Series Severe Corrosive Solution Flanged Immersion Heaters
TMO Series Flanged Immersion Heaters for Lightweight Oil
TMO Series Heavy Weight Oil Flanged Immersion Heaters
TMO Series Flanged Immersion Heater for Medium Weight Oil
TMO Series Flanged Immersion Heater for Sump Oil Applications
TMS Series Flanged Immersion Heaters for Mild Corrosive Solutions
TMS Series Flanged Immersion Heaters for Process Water
Style TMW-2 Immersion Heaters for Small Tank Applications
TOTE Series Wrap Around Tote Tank Heaters
TPR and TPF Series Corrosion Resistant Over-the Side Immersion Heaters
TRC and TRCC Style Copper Sheath, .475 Inch Diameter Round Cross-Section
TRI Style Round Cross-Section, 30 Watts/Square Inch, 450 - 4750 Watts, Incoloy Sheath Diameters(inches): 0.475, 0.430, 0.375, 0.315, 0.260, 0.246
TRID and TRIW Style Round Cross-Section, 40 Watts/Square Inch, 1000 - 7500 Watts, Incoloy Sheath, Diameters(inches): 0.475, 0.430, 0.375, 0.315, 0.260, 0.246
TRS and TRSCD Style Tubular Heater Round Cross Section, 0.475 Inch Diameter, 750°F Max Sheath Temperature, 300 - 3000 Watts
TRSC Style Round Cross-Section, 20 Watts/Square Inch,0.475 Inch (12.07 mm)Diameter, 300 - 3000 Watts
TRSS Style Round Cross-Section, 0.475 Inch Diameter, 304 Stainless Steel Sheath, 1 kW To 7.5 kW, 50 Watts/Square Inch
TRSSH and TRSSN Style Round Cross-Section, 0.475 Inch Diameter , 304 or 316 Stainless Steel Sheath, 1 kW TO 5 kW
TS Style 1/2 Inch(12.7mm) Diameter Heart Cross-Section
TSSM Style 0.200(5.08mm) Diameter Round Cross-Section
Cable de termopar trenzado y apantallado
TTSF SERIES Flanged Immersion Heaters for Boilers and Water Heaters
TTUH Series Food Equipment Heaters
URPT Style 3/8 Inch(9.5mm) Diameter Heart Cross-Section
UTU 3/8 Inch(9.5mm) Diameter Heart Cross-Section
UV1000 Universal Verbaliser OMEGASAYS®
Process-Signal-to-Speech Converter{RS232}{WINXP}{VISTA}
UV1000-PM Programmable Universal Verbaliser 1/8 DIN Panel Meter
VTS Series Field Adjustable Screw Plug Immersion Heater
Clean Water & Oil Applications
WD Series Wire Duct Wiring Duct for Routing and Organizing Wire in Control Panels
WR-80 and WR-90 Wall Mounted Room Thermostats
WS Series WS Series Strip Heaters
WSB-8015 Benchtop Weight Scale
WT SERIES Bolt-On Washer Thermocouple Assemblies
X, XR, V, and VR Series DialTempTM, Bi-Metal Stem Thermometers
E Type Thermocouple Wire Thermocouple Wire - E Type, Duplex Insulated
ZR011 Series Dual Thermostat

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